History of India in Brief From 1500 AD to 1800 AD

History of India in Brief From 1500 AD to 1800 AD

1504 AD Babur bigins rule in Kabul, first Mughal ruler.

1526 AD first  Panipat Battle – babur defeats the Ibrahim lodi – establishes  the dynasty of Mughal.

1530 AD Humayun Succeeds Babur (1526-1530 – Reign of Babur)

1539 AD Guru Nanak Death; Humayun defeated by Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah become the emperor of Delhi

1 553 AD The Jesuits of Goa publishes the first book India.

1555 AD Humayun gains the delhi throne from Aslam Shah. (Aslam Shah is the successor of Sher Shah)History of India in Brief From 1500 AD to 1800 AD

1556 AD Humayun Death; accession of Akbar. Second Panipat Battle – Jalaluddin Akbar defeats Hemu.

1564 AD Akbar removed ‘Jiziya’ or Poll tax on Hindus.

1565 AD Tallikota Battle –an alliance of muslim rulers in Deccan defeats Vijayanagar Kingdom.

1571 AD of Fatehpur Sikri Foundation by Jalaluddin Akbar.

1576 AD Haldighati Battle; Jalaluddin Akbar defeats Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar.

1577 AD Akbar invade Khandesh

1582 AD Akbar pronounced Din llahi

1595 AD The Dutch  first fleet reached India

1597 AD Completion of Akbars conquests. Rana Pratap Death.

1600 AD East India Company of English constituted through a charter, signed by Queen Elizabeth-I.

1602 AD East India Company of Dutch formed

1605 AD death of Akbar and the accession of jehangir; Dutch established their first factory in Masulipatanam

1606 AD martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev.

1608 AD British captain Hawkins Visit to Jehangir’s court to secure trading rights for the British, failed.

1609 AD The Dutch started a factory at Pulicat.

1613 AD SirThomas Roe’s vist Yielded Permision to set up their factory in Surat. Trading centers Were extended Bombay , Calcutta and Madras Gradually.

1616 AD East India Company of Denmark reached India Coasts

1619 AD Dutch were granted permission by the Moghal king Jahangir to srart trade in his kingdom

1707 AD Aurangzeb Death.

1708 AD Guru Gobind Death

1720 AD Baji Rao Peshwa attain power at Poona

1739 AD Delhi conquered by Nadir Shah of Persia and he Lost Kabul

1746 AD The First Carnatic War (war between Anglo-French and British companies at Carnatic) After completion of the war the French capture Madras.

1748 AD First anglo-French war ended with the treaty of Aix La Chappelle, in Europe.

1750 AD War of the Deccan; Death of Nasir Jang; 1720-04 Second Anglo-French War (unofficial).

1754 AD Mughal king Ahmad Shah removed; Dupleix returns to France. General Godehen signed the Treaty of Pondicherry With the British

1756 AD Alivardi Khan, Nawab of Bengal dies Siraj-ud-daulah succeeds after capturing Calcutta; Black-Hole Tragedy- 146 English prisoners held by Mughals in a small room, 123 of them died of suffocation

1757 AD June  23. Time of Plassey Battle:

1758 AD Third Anglo-French War; Punjab occupied by Maraths.

1760 AD Battle of wandiwash

1761 AD Third Battle of;Atghanistan king Ahmed Shah Abdali defeats the Marathas; Maratha imperialism ends;

1764 AD Oct. 23. Buxar Battle the English defeat Mir

1765 AD The English get Diwani Right in Bengai, Bihar and Orissa; Clive, Governor in Bengal for the second time.

1767-69 AD First Mysore War-the British suffered a humiliating peace With Hyder Ali of Mysore.

1769 AD The French East India co. break down.

1772 AD Warren Hasting arranged Governor of Bengal

1773 AD British Parliament passed the The Regulating Act

1774 AD As the first Governor-General of India Warren Hastings appointed. Administrative headquarters Calcutta

1775-82 AD First Anglo-Maratha War: The Treaty of  Salbai end the battle

1780 AD Maharaja Ranjit Singh Birth ; James August Hickey Started Bengal Gazette a Weekly Paper

1780-84 AD TheSecond Mysore War. Hyder Ali defeated by English. Tipu Sultan succeeds Hyder.

1784 AD Calcutta Gazette Published; Pitts India Act Passed; Foundation of Asiatic Society of Bengal With The help of William Jones.

1785 AD The Bengal Tipu Sultan Journal Published.

1788 AD Bombay Herrald  Published ; Blinding

1790-92 AD Third Mysore War between the English and Tipu- Seringapatam Treaty.

1791 AD Jonathan Duncan opened a Sanskrit collge in Benaras

1799 AD Fourth Mysore War- The English  defeat Tipu; Tipu Sulthan Death

1800 AD Death of Nana Fadnavis ; Lord Wellesley started Fort Williams college at Calcutta;

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