October 24 United Nations Day – United Nations Organization Day

October 24 United Nations Day – United Nations Organization Day

» October 24th has observed as United Nations Day world wide.
» This day denotes anniversary of the UN Charter’s entry into force in the year 1945.
» On 24 October 1945, United Nations came into force. The Permanent 5 members of Security Council and many other signatories ratified United Nations to take into force.
» Security Council’s five permanent member Countries  are China, USSR (France, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – now Russia), UK, and United States of America.

Importance of UN Charter – 2016 UNO Celebrations:october-24-is-united-nations-day

» UN came into power through the ratification of United Nations Charter.
» United Nations is a constituent treaty. Every signatory member has to obey its articles.
» UN Charter Article 103 tells that obligations to the UN prevail over all renaming treaty obligations.
» All most all countries in the world have already ratified the UN Charter.
» This year United Nations organized UN Day in UN General Assembly Hall. UN theme is “Freedom First”.
» General Assembly of UN had announced Oct 24 as UN Day by adopting resolution 2782 in the year 1971.
» Main aim of the day is to make the people aware of aims and achievements of UNO.
» The day is part of UN Week, which runs from 20 Oct to 26 Oct 2016.

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