India States and Capitals-Administrative-Legislative-Judicial-Capitals of All States and Territories

India States and Capitals-Administrative-Legislative-Judicial-Capitals of All States and Territories

Dear aspirants here we are providing you some important details about states and capitals of India, States and Union territories and their administrative capital, judicial capital and legislative capital information. New Delhi is the capital city of India. India is a federal union having 29 (twenty nine) states and 7 (Seven) union territories. In the country Union territories and states are again divided into districts depending on the size or area type. We have mentioned the YEARS in the table which denotes when the particular city became the capital city of a territory or a state respectively. We consider administrative capital as main capital of a state or territory. Central government administers the legislative capital. India States and Capitals is one of the important topics due to the competitive exams regarding Group 1, Group 2,Group 3,Group 4 and all other entrance examinations.

Administrative capital: It is a place of executive government offices situated.
Legislative capital: The place of a particular state’s assembly convenes
Judicial Capital: A place where the high court located of a state or territory.

States and capitals of India -States and Union Territories-Judicial-Administrative and Legislative Capitals:

Indian – States and their Capitals  
State Legislative Capital Administrative Capital Judicial Capital Since
 Goa  Porvorim  Panji  Mumbai  1961
 Jharkhand  Ranchi  Ranchi  Ranchi  2000
 Meghalaya  Shillong  Shillong  Guwahati  1970
 Punjab  Chandigarh  Chandigarh (Former Capital: Lahore(1936-1947) & Shimla(1947-1966))  Chandigarh  1966
 Andhra Pradesh  Hyderabad  Hyderabad  Hyderabad  1956
 Gujarat  Gandhinagar  Gandhinagar(Formal Capital: Ahmedabad(1960-1970))  Ahmedabad  1970
 Karnataka  Bangaluru  Bangaluru  Bangaluru  1956
 Mizoram  Aizwal  Aizwal  Guwahati  1972
 Rajasthan  Jaipur  Jaipur  Jodhpur  1948
 Uttarakhand  Dehradun  Dehradun Nainital 2000
 Arunachal Pradesh  Itanagar  Itanagar  Guwahati  1972
 Haryana  Chandigarh  Chandigarh  Chandigarh  1966
 Kerala  T’puram  Thiruvanantha-Puram (Former Capital: Kochi(1949-1956))  Ernakulam  1956
 Nagaland  Kohima  Kohima  Guwahati  1963
 Sikkim  Gangtok  Gangtok  Gangtok  1975
 Assam  Dispur  Dispur (Former Capital: Shilong(1874-1972))  Guwahati  1972
 Himachal Pradesh  Shimla  Shimla  Shimla  1948
 Madhya Pradesh  Bhopal  Bhopal Jabalpur  1956
 Orrisa  Bhubaneshwar  Bhubaneshwar (Former Capital: Cuttak (1936-1948)  Cuttack  1948
 Tamil Nadu  Chennai  Chennai  Chennai  1956
 Uttar Pradesh  Lucknow  Lucknow  Allahabad  1937
 Bihar  Patna  Patna  Patna  1936
 Jammu and Kashmir  Srinagar(Sm),Jammu(Wn)  Srinagar(Sm),Jammu(Wn)  Srinagar  1948
 Maharashtra  Mumbai  Mumbai  Mumbai  1818
 Tripura  Agartala  Agartala  Guwahati  1956
 West Bengal  Kolkata  Kolkata  Kolkata  1905
 Chhattisgarh  Raipur  Raipur  Bilaspur 2000
 Manipur  Imphal  Imphal  Guwahati  1947
   Union Territories
 Dadra and Nagar Haveli  _  Silvasaa  Mumbai  1961
 National Capital Territory of Delhi  _  N.Delhi  _  _
 Andaman and Nicobar Islands  _  Port Blair  Kolkata  1956
 Daman and Diu  _  Daman   Mumbai  1987
 Ponducherry  Ponducherry  Ponducherry  Chennai  1954
 Chandigarh  _  Chandigarh  Chandigarh  1966
 Lakshadweep  _  Kavaratti  Ernakulam  1956

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