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International Awards currentaffairsandgk1

International Organizations    currentaffairsandgk1

Top Companies in the World and Their CEOs

2016 to 2022 Important World Cups Host Countries List

FIFA Football World Cup Host Countries Nations List

Summer and Winter Olympic Games Venues – Host Cities List

2014 Awards and Honors

Oscar Awards 2015-Best Picture is Birdman

2015 Nobel Prize Winners in Physics Chemistry Medicine Peace

Nobel Prize winners in Physics

Countries and their National Emblem

Important Dates and Events of India and World History

Important Summits of the World 2012-2015-2016

The Ramon Magsaysay Award Winners From 1958 to 2015

Indian Insurance Companies Taglines and Their Heads

Important Phobias

List of Power Plants In India

List of beaches in India – State Wise Beaches in India

Important Economy Snippets

Snippets of Science and Technology

Winners of 62nd National Film Awards

States capitals Governors Chief Ministers of India

Caribbean Community and Common Market – CARICOM

List of Women Indian Chief Ministers From 1947

Modi’s Cabinet- Cabinet Ministers of India 2014 List

List of Jnanpith Award Winners

List of Important awards and their fields in India  

Top National Parks in India

Temples in India List – Top Famous Hindu Temples In India

National Emblem of India State Emblem of India

Important Cups and Trophies Their Associated Sports

First Person in Indian Governance First President of India

First Noble Prize Winners of India

First in Science and Technology

List of Holy Places of the World Holy Land of Religion

Famous Personalities Nicknames

World Discoveries Inventions and inventors List

Indian Classical Dances Folk Dance Bharatanatyam Kathak State Wise List

 First in India President Prime Minister chief minister Governor Govt Officials

First in Indian Defense

First in Cinema and TV shows First Silent Movie of India

First Prime Ministers presidents of countries and Women Leaders

Persons First in World

First Persons in India to Take Awards Honors Titles

India First in Sports First Indian Sports Winners

Public Sector and Private Sector Banks Head Offices, Slogans, Chairman and Logos

List of Important Banking Terms Abbreviations-Full Forms

Women Empowerment Programs in India – IGMSY, STEP, GBS, Ujjwala

India Profile Complete Details – India Information

Famous Vehicles and Their Manufacturer Countries List

Tiger Reserves in India – Project Tiger Program in India

Chief Ministers of India – Indian States CM Chief Ministers

Maharashtra Chief Ministers List

Madhya Pradesh Chief Ministers List

Gujarat Chief Ministers List

Delhi Chief Ministers List

Punjab Chief Ministers List From 1947 to 2016 – Present Chief Minister Of Punjab

Chief Ministers of Bihar List – Present CM of Bihar

Chief Ministers of Assam List – Present CM of Assam

Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh List- Present CM of Arunachal Pradesh

Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh List – Present CM Of AP

Chief Ministers of Nagaland List

Chief Ministers of Meghalaya List

Chief Ministers of Sikkim List

Chief Ministers of Goa List – Present Chief Minister of Goa

Chief Ministers of Manipur List – Present CM of Manipur

Chief Ministers of Pondicherry List – Current CM of Pondicherry

Chief Ministers of Kerala List – Current CM of Kerala

Chief Ministers of Jammu Kashmir List – Current CM of Jammu Kashmir

Chief Ministers of Telangana List – Current CM of Telangana

Uttarakhand Chief Ministers List – Current CM of Uttarakhand

Chhattisgarh Chief Ministers List – Current CM of Chhattisgarh

Rajasthan Chief Ministers List – Current CM of Rajasthan

Karnataka Chief Ministers List – Current CM of Karnataka

Uttar Pradesh Chief Ministers List – Current UP CM – Chief Minister

West Bengal Chief Ministers List – Current West Bengal (WB) CM

Chief Ministers of Jharkhand List – Current CM of Jharkhand

Chief Ministers of Tripura List- Current CM of Tripura

Chief Ministers of Mizoram List – Current Mizoram CM

Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu List – First CM of Tamil Nadu

Chief Ministers of Odisha List – Present CM of Odisha / Orissa

Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh List – Who is Present CM of Himachal Pradesh

Chief Ministers of Haryana List – Present CM of Haryana State

International Organizations and Headquarters

Museums in India List

Indian Polity for RRB non technical NTPC – Indian Constitution, Evolution