Briefly ALLEN Champ 2020 Program:

ALLEN Champ 2020 IS OUT – FILL THE NOMINATION FORM. ALLEN Champ 2020, it’s a competition at national level. Its main objective is to honor and mentor the students who are identified in the world for being a winner. 2020 ALLEN Champ is for events, examinations, international and national level competitive exams and great Olympiads. ALLEN Champ identifies the presentation of the pupils in many aspects for example merit in Academics, Student aptitude, his skills, exposure and language capabilities.The Allen Champ program is meant for the students from 3 -10 classes. The complete details regarding this Allen champ program are mentioned in the bellow part of the article.

ALLEN Career Institute’s initiative is Allen Champ

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Important dates regarding ALLEN Champ 2020:

ALLEN Champ Registration last date: 31 March 2020

ALLEN Champ Result Announcing date:  After 30 June 2020

Allen Champ 2020 main Objective and Mission:

» The important objective of the Allen champ is search and honor the students and disclose the best depending on their potentials.

» Allen also identifies the school and the parent of the champion and to honour and reward them.

» The mission of the Allen is to help the champions with continuous guidance and mentoring program.

2020 ALLEN Champ Eligibility Information:

Gender       —-     Male and Female students

Region       —–     India

Class           —–     Class 3 to Class 10

Allen Champ Eligibility Details:

ALLEN Champ 2020 IS OUT – FILL THE NOMINATION. Students who studying from 3rd class to 10th class are eligible to attend the Allen Champ. Candidate’s achievements in the bellow given national and international events will decide the eligibility for this program.

ALLEN Champ Eligible Competition List:

» Student must have one achievement at least to participate this program.

» The students who have got top three ranks in the year 2017 can also participate the Allen champ 2020 program.

Note: Candidates who got top 3 ranks in the year 2018 and 2019 are not allowed to participate this program.


» Allen  not only honoring and mentoring the selected students and also awards prosperous rewards.

» The students who want to get the eligibility for the Allen champ and get the reward need to complete the final round,  where their final crowning position ie ACR 1 to 10 will be determined.

» All student champions will be offered rewards in the presence of their parents. The Champions day will be announced after June 2020.

Allen Champ Rewards 2020:


Cash Reward for Allen Champs

For clearing Nomination & Verification process

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-1

Class 3 to 7: 
Rs. 1,00,000

Gold Medal
(15 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy +

Class 8 to 10:
Rs. 2,00,000

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-2

Class 3 to 7: Rs. 75,000

Gold Medal
(10 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy + 

Class 8 to 10:  Rs. 1,50,000

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-3

Class 3 to 7: 
Rs. 50, 000

Gold Medal
(5 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy + 

Class 8 to 10:
Rs. 1,00,000

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-4

Class 3 to 7:
Rs. 31, 000

Silver Medal
(10 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy + 

Class 8 to 10:
Rs. 75,000

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-5

Class 3 to 7:
Rs. 31, 000

Silver Medal
(10 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy + 

Class 8 to 10:
Rs. 50,000

Rewards & Recognition to ACR-6 to ACR-10

Class 3 to 7: Rs. 21,000

Silver Medal
(10 Gms)

Champion’s Trophy +

Class 8 to 10:
Rs. 31,000

ALLEN Rewards & Recognition to Parents

  • Certificate
  • Silver Medal

ALLEN Rewards & Recognition to Schools


  • ALLEN Gurukul Certificate

Allen Champ 2020 Application and applying process:

» To register the 2020 Allen champ, all aspirants need to complete the nomination form.

» In the bellow part the Allen Champ nomination form link is given.

» The steps to fill the 2020 Allen Champ Registration Form is also given.

» And the very important steps to fill the Allen champ 2020-2021 nomination form are given in the bellow part.

» Students are requested to follow the steps given in the bellow section carefully.

» A good news for all the candidates is there is no application fee to fill the 2020

» Allen Champ nomination form.

Hit the bellow given link to Register on online for Allen Champ 2020

Steps to fill the Allen Champ 2020 Application Form:

» Follow one by one step given billow to fill up 2020 Allen Champ Nomination form.

Registration: The applicants need to register for Allen Champ by filling nomination form. All the students have to follow the link given in this page.

Fill in your Nomination:

» The 2nd step of applying for this program, in the nomination form candidates need to choose all qualifying examinations for 2020 Allen Champ nominations.

» Verify Details and Lock Transcripts: Once the applicants filled up the nominations, they are advised to verify the details and ensure that all the information is correct before submitting the transcript.

Submit the Transcript: Finally the candidates have to submit the transcript. The candidates can do so by clicking on the “My Transcript”.

2020 Allen Champ Registration Form:

The applicants after completing the Nomination form need to check all details correct or not. After submitting the final transcript candidates are not allowed to edit in any way.

2020 Allen Champ process of selection:

Short listing of Students: Allen Champ will select 10 best students from each class after verifying all nominations received by Allen.

Final Round: These Short listed candidates will be called over for the final round of Allen champ 2020. The program will be held on Champions Day honoring and rewarding ceremony of Allen champ along with their parents.

The declaration of winner and prize distribution:

The lodging and boarding allowance will be provided to the Students and their parents as per their confirmation.

Click this link to Register on online for Allen Champ 2020



Corporate Office & Academic Block

ALLEN Career Institute

“SANKALP” CP-6, Indra Vihar KOTA-324005

(Rajasthan) India

Allen Champ Helpline Number

Ph. +91-0744-2750303, 91-744-2757575


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