Assam State started Atal-Amrit Abhiyan – Health Insurance Scheme

Assam State started Atal-Amrit Abhiyan – Health Insurance Scheme

Government of Assam rolled out a health insurance that is ‘Atal-Amrit Abhiyan’ program to offer coverage against many critical diseases.
The program target is to give standard health care to all family members the state at low cost.

This program is said to be biggest health care initiative undertaken by Assam state government than any other state in our country.
Worth of this program is around Rs 200 crore.

Assam State started Atal-Amrit AbhiyanAtal-Amrit Abhiyan Scheme Highlights:

Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Above Poverty Line (APL) both families who has yearly income less than 5 laks rupees are fit for this scheme.
All eligible individuals will be offered cashless cards to get treatment up to 437 ailments under 6 categories at all major hospitals in the country.
The above mentioned six categories are cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, cancer, neo-natal diseases, neurological conditions and burns.

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