Chief Ministers of Meghalaya List

Chief Ministers of Meghalaya List

 Name Chief Ministers Name of the Party In the Office  
 Williamson A. Sangma  All Party Hill Leaders Conference  2nd Apr 1970 TO 21st Jan 1972  
 Williamson A. Sangma

 21st Jan 1972 TO  18th Mar 1972  
 Williamson A. Sangma  18th Mar 1972 TO  21st Nov 1976  
 Williamson A. Sangma INC-Indian National Congress  22nd Nov 1976 TO  3rd Mar 1978  
 Darwin Diengdoh Pugh

 All Party Hill Leaders Conference  10th Mar 1978 TO  21st Feb 1979  
 Darwin Diengdoh Pugh  21st Feb 1979 TO  6th May 1979  
 B. B. Lyngdoh  7th May 1979 TO  7th May 1981  
 Williamson A. Sangma  INC-Indian National Congress  7th May 1981 TO  24th Feb 1983  
 B. B. Lyngdoh  All Party Hill Leaders Conference  2nd Mar 1983 TO  31st Mar 1983  
 Williamson A. Sangma  INC-Indian National Congress  2nd Apr 1983 TO  5th Feb 1988  
 P. A. Sangma  6th Feb 1988 TO  25th Mar 1990  
 B. B. Lyngdoh  HPU  26th Mar 1990 TO  10th Oct 1991  
 President’s rule    11th Oct 1991 TO  5th Feb 1992  
Chief Ministers of Meghalaya List  
 D.D. Lapang  INC-Indian National Congress  5th Feb 1992 TO  19th Feb 1993  
 S. C. Marak  19th Feb 1993 TO  27th Feb 1998  
 S. C. Marak  27th Feb 1998 TO  10th Mar 1998  
 B. B. Lyngdoh  United Democratic Party  10th Mar 1998 TO  8th Mar 2000  
 E. K. Mawlong  8th Mar 2000 TO  8th Dec 2001  
 Flinder Anderson Khonglam  Independent  8th Dec 2001 TO  4th Mar 2003  
 D. D. Lapang  INC-Indian National Congress  4th Mar 2003 TO  15th Jun 2006  
 J. D. Rymbai  15th Jun 2006 TO  10th Mar 2007  
 D. D. Lapang  10th Mar 2007 TO  4th Mar 2008  
 D. D. Lapang  4th Mar 2008 TO  19th Mar 2008  
 Donkupar Roy  United Democratic Party  19th Mar 2008 TO  18th Mar 2009  
 President’s rule    18th Mar 2009 TO  12th May 2009  
 D. D. Lapang  INC-Indian National Congress  13th May 2009 TO  19th Apr 2010  
 Mukul Sangma  20th Apr 2010 TO  5th Mar 2013  
 Mukul Sangma  5th Mar 2013 TO  6th Mar 2018  
Conrad Sangma National People’s Party 6th Mar 2018 TO Incumbent  

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