Famous Revolutions of the world – General Knowledge

Famous Revolutions of the world – General Knowledge

Famous Revolutions of the world : Dear friends welcome to our web portal current affairs and gk. Here we are mentioning the details of important revolution which took place around the world. these revolutions formed the modern world and changed the world a lot. The bellow content gives the most notable and world famous revolutions that are Renaissance, The American Revolution, The Glorious Revolution, The French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Industrial Revolution, The Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Islamic Revolution in Iran, China’s Cultural Revolution.Famous Revolutions of the world

The list of Famous Revolutions which changed the world:


Revival of Learning called as Renaissance. In 14th century it started in Italy. It spread whole Europe slowly in the late 15th century. Because it was a cultural movement, it was effected different fields like education, art, literature and spread of science and technology.

The Glorious Revolution:

It is one of the Famous Revolutions of the world. It took place in England in the year 1688 to 89 and called as a Bloodless revolution. The revolution helped in removing King James 2 and unpopular king and coronated William of Orange and his better half Mary (she was the daughter of King James) as joint sovereigns of England.

The French Revolution:

French Revolution is the most Famous Revolutions of the world. French Revolution abolished the Old Regime in France and formed fundamental changes. The Revolutions immediate cause was the bankrupt condition of the French Treasury under Louis XV and Louis XVI. The revolutionaries stormed the Bastille on July 14th 1789, the state prison for political prisoners that symbolized the king’s despotism. The downfall of the Bastille resulted in the end of monarchy in French. On the guillotine the king was beheaded in the year 1793 on charges of treason. In 1795 a new constitution was adopted.

The American Revolution:

It is a struggle of England’s thirteen colonies in North America announced their independence. The Independence declaration was issued on 4th July 1776. Its main lead was Thomas Jefferson.

Russian Revolution:

It was a very important revolution in 20th century. Important reasons to occur Russian Revolution were discontent towards the autocratic rule of Nicholas II, the new Czar; special privileges enjoyed by the higher class; laborers and factory workers miserable status. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, seized powers in Petrograd (now Leningrad) on November7 1917. Nicholas II was forced to abdicate. In 1923, the USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics came into existence.

Industrial Revolution:

It is one of the important and Famous Revolutions of the world. Industrial Revolution occurred in England. In the 18th and 19th centuries Industrial Revolution resulted in many changes in the economic status of England. This revolution helped the country to make inventions of different machines which helped for the progress of industries like steam engine, spinning and weaving machines. Industrial Revolution also took place in West European countries like United States of America.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956:

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 started because of public dissatisfaction regarding the policies of Matthias Rakosi, head of the Communist Party and the Hungarian government. Students and workers lead the revolution successfully. Under Janos Kadar a new government formed and came into existence.

Islamic Revolution in Iran:

Islamic Revolution took place because of fighting between leaders of old-fashioned religion and public towards economic and social reforms instituted by Mohammad Reza Pahlevi (Iran’s last Shah). His principles led to severe war and rioting which the govt could not control. A government of revolutionary formed under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeni in Feb 1979. Iran was announced publicly as an Islamic Republic.

China’s Cultural Revolution:

China’s Cultural Revolution took place because of the issues raised between the radicals and moderates in the Communist Party with Chairman of the Communist Party Mao Zedong who supported the radicals. The radical’s group members accused the moderates of falling to follow communist principles.

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