IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 Joint Admission Test Exam Syllabus and Pattern

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 Joint Admission Test  Exam Syllabus and Pattern

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 Joint Admission Test  Exam Syllabus and Pattern: Welcome to our website currentaffairsandgk.com IIt JAM (Joint Admission Test) syllabus 2016 – 2017. Through this page we provide you the entire information regarding IIT JAM syllabus of the subjects Chemistry, Physics, MSc Bio-Technology, M.Sc, Computer Science and Maths.

Every academic year IIT Kanpur (Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur) organizes the JAM test (Joint Admission test) for Masters. This JAM of IIT will be conducted to provide admissions to the capable candidates in the courses M.Sc and B.Sc course programs. So for the year 2016 IIT Joint Admission Test will be conducted soon. Ambitious aspirants need to submit their application forms on online.

To attend the IIT – Indian Institute of Technology JAM – Joint Admission Test candidates needs IIT JAM exams syllabus 2016. Candidates need to start their preparation form the beginning with zeal. In this posting we put all the information regarding IIT JAM test syllabus. Here you can find the syllabus regarding all the subjects IIT JAM test.

Indian Institute of Technology – IIT JAM – Joint Admission test – Syllabus 2016 – 2017

The IITJAM – Joint Admission Test is key to join various integrated PhD degree courses in Indian Institue of Science, bangalore (IISc) and M.Sc (2 year), Joint M.Sc (master of science)-Ph.D(doctor of phylosophy), M.Sc-Ph.D Dual Degree, M.Sc (master of science) – M.Tech (Master of Technology) and a lot many other post bachelor degree courses. JAM is nationalized test which will be conducted by the IIT’s – Indian institutes of Technology. The important aim of JAM of IIT is to motivate the capable students to choose science as their career.

Candidates who are qualified the IIT-Indian institutes of technology’s joint admission test (JAM) need to attend an interview for joining or admission in the courses mentioned bellow.

Integrated Ph.D. Degree at IISc Bangalore:

Sc. – Ph.D. Dual Degree at IIT Bombay
Sc. – Ph.D. Dual Degree (in Physics) at IIT Kanpur

IIT – JAM 2016 Exam Pattern:

The JAM – Joint Admission Test contains 7 test papers. From these 7 test papers aspirant need to attend at least one paper or maximum 2 papers.
Students need to pay extra fee if he want to take second test paper.
Students need to attend the two papers exams on different dates.

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017  Exam Papers Syllabus:

See below for more information on the syllabus.

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Mathematics (MA):

This paper includes following

Sequences, Series and Differential Calculus.

Group Theory
Linear Algebra
Real Analysis
Integral Calculus
Differential Calculus
Vector Calculus
Function of One Variable
Function of Two Real Variables

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Mathematical Statics (MS)

Sequences and Series

Statistics Probability
Random Variables
Standard Distributions
Differential Calculus
Joint Distributions
Limit Theorems
Testing of Hypothesis
Integral Calculus
Differential Calculus

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Geology (GG)

The Planet Earth
Economic Geology
Applied Geology
Structural Geology

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Chemistry (CY)


Basic Mathematical Concepts
Atomic and Molecular Structure
Theory of Gases
Electro chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Solid State
Chemical thermodynamics
Chemical and Phase Equilibrium


Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry
Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Application
Heterocyclic Chemistry
Qualitative Organic Analysis
Natural Product Chemistry


Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compound
Main Group Elements
Bio organic Chemistry
Instrumental Method of Analysis
Analytical Chemistry
Transition Metals

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Biotechnology (BT)

1. BIOLOGY (10+2+3) level

General Biology
Molecular Biology
Bio chemistry and Physiology

2. CHEMISTRY 10+2+3 level
Atomic Structure


IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Biological Science

General Biology
Structure of Bio Molecules
Basic of Bio Chemistry, Bio Physics, and Molecular Biology
Microbiology, Cell biology and Immunology

IIT JAM Syllabus 2016 – 2017 – Physics (PH)

Mathematical Methods
Mechanics and General Properties of Matter
Electricity and Magnetism
Kinetic Theory
Modern Physics
Solid Waste Physics, Devices and Electronics
Oscillations, Waves and Optics

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