Top ten Highest Populated Countries in the World

Top ten Highest Populated Countries in the World

The bellow list provides you the details of largest populated countries in the world. In this page we have given top ten highest populated counties list in the world. China occupied the first place in the list with highest population (137,24,00,000). India got second place with 127,79,70,000 population. Go through the list mentioned bellow and get complete details.

Rank Country Population Continent
1 China 137,24,00,000 Asia
2 India 127,79,70,000 Asia
3 United States 32,19,41,000 North America
4 Indonesia 25,69,76,000 Asia
5 Brazil 20,49,83,000 South America
6 Pakistan 19,10,60,000 Asia
7 Nigeria 18,34,08,000 Africa
8 Bangladesh 15,91,23,000 Asia
9 Russia 14,66,02,530 Europe
10 Japan 12,68,20,000 Asia

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