Boundary Lines Between Nations Their Names List

Boundary Lines Between Nations Their Names List

Boundary lines separate the countries clearly. Through using these boundary lines between different nations we can easily find the borders or territory limits of all the countries. All the countries have boundary lines with their neighboring countries. All the names of these boundary lines have given particular names to identify or remember them easily. The boundary line between India and Pakistan called as Radcliffe Line. Macmahon Line divides India and China. Medicine boundary Line line divides Canada and the United States of America. Pal Strait line separates India and Sri Lanka. 49th Parallel is present between United States and Canada.

Boundary Lines Between Different Countries:

Majinot Line :France-Germany
Alpine Line : Italy-France
Markat Reef: Sweden-Finland
Durand Line: Durand Line divides Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mortimer Durand drawn it in 1896.
Hindenburg: Line Is the divider line between Germany and Poland. The Germans with drawn this line in 1917 at the time of World War I
Marginal Line: Marginal Line: This boundary line was the 320 km line of defensive wall on the Russia-Finland border.
Macmahon Line: Macmahon Line existed between India and China. This boundary line was drawn up by Sir Henry MacMahon. China did not identified this line.In 1962 China crossed MacMahon line.
Medicine Line: Medicine Line is a boundary line divides Canada and the United States of America.
Order-Neisse Line: Border between Poland and Germany (Neisse is a river) adopted at the Poland Conference after World War II.

Pal Strait :India – SriLanka
Radcliffe Line: Boundary line between India and Pakistan. Sir Radcliffe was drawn up this line.
16th Parallel Line :Namibia-Angola
17th Parallel: It is a border line between North Vietnam and South Vietnam before two counties were combined.
24th Parallel: 24th Parallel is the line which Pakistan claims for boundary between India and Pakistan. India didn’t recognize this line.
36th Parallel: makes the southernmost border of the Missouri State with the Arkansas State.
38th Parallel: this boundary line divides North Korea and South Korea.
40th Parallel: It is the northern boundary of the British Colony of Maryland.
42nd Parallel: This Border line is present between New York and Pennsylvania.
49th Parallel: is the boundary/border between United States and Canada.

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