List of World’s Largest, Smallest, Highest, Lowest and Deepest Things

List of World’s Largest, Smallest, Highest, Lowest and Deepest Things

Dear aspirant here you will find the List of World’s largest, smallest, highest, lowest and deepest things in all categories in the world. The list is prepared by the team of We have some important things which are always special in the world some of them are biggest in the world whether it is a place, river, mountain, contruction, sea and what ever it may and we have smaller thing in the world as well. This post will make you learn all these World’s largest, smallest, highest, lowest and deepest things. This topic is ever important in all the competitive examination in the general knowledge section.

World’s Largest, Smallest, Highest, Lowest and Deepest Things – List :

 Largest Airport  King Khalid International Airport (South Arabia)
 Largest Animal  Blue Bottom whale
 Largest Democracy  India
 Largest Bay Hudson Bay, Canada
 Biggest Flower  Rafflesia (Java)
 Highest Airport  Lhasa Airport, Tibet
  Fastest Animal  Cheetah
 Longest Corridor  Rameshwaram Temple (India)
 Largest Dams  Grand Coulee Dam, USA
 Tallest Animal  Giraffe
 Fastest Bird  Peregrine falcon (390 km/h),  Swift (169 km/h (105 mph))

 Smallest Bird  Humming
 Largest Bird  Ostrich
 Fastest Dog  Persian greyhound
 Largest Cathedral  Cathedral Church of New York
 Longest Bridge Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge (China) part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway.16,500 meters
 Longest Canal  Baltic sea White Canal
 Tallest Building Burj Khalifa in Dubai
 Largest Continent  Asia
 Largest Cemetry  Leningrad, Russia
 Largest Country  Russia
 Smallest Continent  Australia
 Smallest Country  Vatican City
 Leningrad, Russia  Belisca of St. Peter in the Vatican City, Rome.
 Longest Day  June 21
 Shortest Day  December 22
 Biggest Cinema House  Roxy, New York
 Highest Population  Mexico
 Largest Delta  Sunderbans (India)
 Highest City  Wen Chuan, China
 Biggest Dome  Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur), India
 Lightest Metal  Lithium
 Largest Island  Greenland
 Largest Desert  Sahara, Africa
 Largest Gulf  Gulf of Mexico
 Largest Mosque  Jama Masjid, Delhi (India)
 Largest Lake   Caspian Sea, CISIran
 Largest Hotel  Hotel Rossaiya, Moscow
 Tallest Fountain  Fountain Hills, Arizona
 Highest Mountain Peak  Mount Everest (Nepal)
 Biggest Library  National Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of the Congress, Washington
 Deepest Lake  Baikal (Siberia)
 Largest Minaret Sultan  Has-san Mosque (Egypt)
 Highest Mountain  Range Himalayas
 Longest Mountain  Andes (South America)
 Highest Lake  Titicaca (Bolivia)
 Largest River  Amazon, South America
 Biggest Museum  British Museum (London)
 Deepest Oceans  Pacific
 Biggest Oceans  Pacific Ocean
 Biggest Park  Yellow Stone Na­tional Park
 Largest Palace  Imperial Palace (China)
 Biggest Palace  Vatican
 Tallest Minaret   Qutub Minar, Delhi (India)
 Largest Peninsula  Arabia
 Coldest Planet  Pluto
 Smallest Planet  Murcury
 Biggest Planet  Jupiter
 Largest Park  Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)
 Highest Plateau  Pamir (Tibet)
 Largest Platform  Grand Central Terminal, (Ely. Sta­tion)New York (USA)
 Longest Platform  Kharagpur, W. Bengal (India)
 Brightest Planet  Venus
 Farthest (from the Sun)  Pluto
 Nearest (To the Sun)  Mercury
 Longest River Dam  Hirakud Dam in India
 Largest Sea  South China Sea
 Longest River  Nile, Africa, 4180 miles
 Brightest Star  Sirius A
 Largest Temple  Angkorwat in Kampuchea
 Largest Sea-bird  Albatross
 Largest Stadium  Starhove Stadium, Prague (Czech Republic)
 Biggest Telescope  Mt. Palomar (USA)
 Tallest Statue  Motherland (Russia)
 Oldest Theatre  Teatro Ohm­pico (Itlay)
 Longest Wall  Great Wall of China
 Widest Waterfall  Khone Falls (Laos)
 Longest Train  Flying Scotsman
 Tallest Tower  C. N. Tower, Toronto (Canada)
 Hottest Place  Al-Azizia (Libya)
 Lowest Water Level  Dead Sea
 Highest Waterfall  Angel (Venezuela)
 Highest Road  Leh-Nobra, Ladakh division India
 Lightest Gas  Hydrogen
 Longest Epic  Mahabharata
 Largest Island Greenland, 839,999  square miles
 Highest Village  Andean (Chile)
 Rainiest Place  Mosinram, near Cherapunji (India)
 Largest peninsuls Arabia
 Highest Volcano  Ojos del Salado, (Argentina) Chile
 Largest Volcano  Manuna Lea (Hawai)
 Largest Freshwater Lake  Lake Superior, US-Canada
 Lowest Lake  Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, 1,349 feet below sea level
 Highest Lake  Titicaca in Peru, 12,500 feet above sea level
 Largest Waterfall  Angels, Venezuela, 3,212 feet high
 Longest Mountain Range  The Andes (South America) 5,000 miles
 Deepest Gorge  Hells Canyon, Snake River, Idaho (7,900 feet deep)
 Larget Lagoon  Lagoa dos Patos, Brazil
 Deepest Underwater Trench  Marina Trench
Largest Gorge  Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona
 Lowest mountain range  Buena Bhaile
 Largest museum  American Museum of Natural History.
 The largest cinema  Fox theatre, Detroit, USA.

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