Mahajanapadas Origination Mahabharatha Battle Nanda’s Dynasty

Mahajanapadas Origination Mahabharatha Battle Nanda’s Dynasty

Mahajanapadas Origination Mahabharatha Battle Nanda’s Dynasty: The tribes of Aryan were called as ‘JANAS’. Janas were led by JANARDHANAS the tribal chiefs during their nomadic phase. In this phase the JANAS were fought only for cattle not for the territory. They called as GAVASTHI.

At the time of later Vedic period JANAPADAS – the territorial King dome originated. During the JANAPADAS period the wars were for formed for the cattle as well as territory. We can took the example of the Great and famous MAHABHARATHA Battle. Mainly it was known as KURUKSHETRA BATTLE.
In 6th century BC the MAHAJANAPDAS originated. These are the big kingdoms. The important MAHAJANAPADAS during the 6th century BC were………………

1. Anga-East Bihar
2. Magadha- South Bihar
3. Vijji- Noth Bihar
4. Mallas- Ghorakhpur District
5. Kasi- Benarus
6. Vatsa- Alahabad region long Jammu
7. Kosala- Lucknow
8. Panchala- Modern Rohilkhand in Uttar Pradesh
9. Kuru- Aligarh, Meerut Delhi
10. Matsya- Jaipur
11. Sura Sena- Madhura
12.Chedi- Bundelkhand
13. Avanti- Central Malva, Ujjain west region
14. Asmaka- Mid Godavari,
15. Gandhara- Ravalpindi
16. Kamboja- North western Pakisthan

The above JANAPADAS were the important territories during the 6th century BC. These kingdoms used to fight among themselves for the leadership. During this time one of the MAHAJANAPADAS Magadha defeated and destructed other MAHAJANAPADAS and emerged into a great empire.


1. Used iron weapons (Magadha had great iron depositions)
2. Magadha kingdoms capitals were located in very strategic places.
i) First capital RAJGIR was surrounded by hills.
ii) Second capital PATALIPUTRA was surrounded by water.
These capitals were unable to conquest for the enemies

MAGADHANS had flourishing agriculture and excellent trade.
They had big army.
Had a large number of elephants to walk through the marshy lands.
They built Strong ports.
The very important thing was that the MAGADHANS had excellent ambitious, dynamic and daring leadership.
They had the leadership of the great kings like BIMBISARA, AJATASATRU and MAHAPADMANANDA.
BIMBISARA belongs to HARYANKA dynasty.
He ruled Magadha for a long time.
He ruled from 540 BC to 492 BC continuously.
BIMBISARA made Magadha as a great power in 6th century BC through the conquest policies.
BIMBISARA’S first wife was the daughter of King KOSALA.
Second wife was princess of LICHCHHAVI princess from the dynasty of VAISALI.
Third wife was belongs to MADRA clan the daughter of the chief of the MADRA clan of Punjab.
AJATASATRU killed his father and came into the power.
He ruled over Magadha from 492 to 460 BC.
UDAYIN came into the power After AJATASATRU.
He ruled Magadha from 460 BC to 444 BC.
UDAYIN was succeeded by SISUNAGA. He was the minister of UDAYIN.
He founded SISUNAGA Dynasty.
Then NANDAS supplanted SISUNAGAS and came into the power.
They made Magadha as a super power by building a most powerful army.
MAGADHANS had a great army that even frighten the Alexander of Greek
Because of the great army of MAGADHANS Alexander gave up the plan of invasion of Magadha dynasty.
MAHAPADMANANDA was established NANDAS Dynasty.
MAHAPADMANANDA was the most powerful and successful king from NANDAS.
NANDAS ruled Magadha from 400BC to 322 BC.
DHARMANANDA was the last ruler of NANDAS
Later CHANDRAGUPTHA Maura defeats DHARMANANDA with the order of CHANUKYA.
Then MAURYANS came into the power.
They selected PATALIPUTRA as their capital.
MAURYANS increased the glory of PATALIPUTRA and it reached its Heights.

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