National Movements of India General Knowledge

National Movements of India General Knowledge

National Movements of India: This topic is one of the very important topics competitive entrance examinations. In many competitive exams the questions were asked from this topic in the part of general knowledge and general awareness. We, the team of team providing you here the complete details regarding Historical National Movements of India. These are the very important incidents or movements which were led India to attain independence from the British Rulers.

Here we have given you the list of very important Historical National Movements and incidents which were occurred before we attain independence. This stuff helps you in getting good score in your competitive examination. We are recommending the candidates who are attending the bank and other entrance examination to keep up-to-date on this topic  National Movements of India. We the team of observed many repeated questions on this topic in many previous entrance examination tests. You should go through the every topic related to current affairs and GK, because every single mark plays a vital role to reach your goal.

We are advising the every aspirant who is preparing for the competitive examinations seriously to have a look on the current affairs and general knowledge topics to get required score in the entrance test.

National Movements of India General Knowledge

S.No Name of the National Movement of India

Year National Movement of India News
 1 Government of India Act 1858 United Kingdom Parliament passed it on August 2, 1858
2 Indian National Congress (INC) 1885  i) Indian National Congress was formed on 28 December 1885
i) W.O Hume — In 1885 Organised the first Congress Session
i) Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee was the first President of the Indian National Congress (INC)
3 Partition of Bengal 1905  i) Lord Curzon The Viceroy of India declared the Partition of Bengal in July 1905.
ii) The partition of Bengal officially took place on 16th Oct 1905.
4 Muslim League 1906 i) It is a political Organization belongs to India and Pak.
ii) In the year 1906 Aga Khan III established it as All-India Muslim League.
5 Swadeshi Movement 1905  i)Swadeshi Movement started after the Bengal Partition.
ii)The movement continued from 1905 to 1911.
iii)The main candidates behind the movement are Aurobindo Ghosh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal and Lala Lajpat Rai (LAL, BAL, PAL)
6 Morley-Minto Reforms 1909  i) Morley was the secretary of state, Minto was the viceroy of India
ii) In 1909 AD Morley and Minto announced the Morley-Minto Reforms.
7 Lucknow Pact 1916   Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the architect of the Lucknow Pact
8 Home Rule Movement 1916-1920  i) Home Rule League was established in April 1916.
ii) It was a national political organization.
iii) Main Aim is self government
9 Khilafat Movement 1919  i) It was started by Muslims in British India
ii) The khilafat Movement started in 1919 and continued upto 1924.
iii) It was a political protest campaign by Muslims in India
10 The Rowlatt Act 1919  i) The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act, 1919 was commonly known as Rowlatt Act
ii) Rowlatt Act was a legislative act which was passed by the Imperial Legislative Council in Delhi.
iii)This act was passed on 21st March 1919.
11 Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre 1919  i) Another name is Amritsar massacre.
ii) The incident took place on 13 April 191
iii) The incident took place under the command of Reginald Dyer
12 Non-Cooperation Movement 1920  i) Mahatma Gandhi started this Non-Cooperation Movement
ii) INC-Indian National Congress supported this movement
13 Chauri Chaura Incident 1922  i) This incident took place at Chauri Chaura (Gorakhpur ) on 5th February 1922
14 Swaraj Party 1923  i) Formed in December 1922
15 Simon Commission 1927 i) Simon Commission was a group of seven members formed by the British.
ii) Its main aim is to make a report on the constitution of India which was founded by the Government of India Act
16 Dandi March 1930  i) Onother name is Salt Satyagraha.
ii) Dandi March was started on 12th March 1930.
17 Gandhi-Irwin Pact 1931  It was a political agreement between Gandhi and Irwin (viceroy of India at that time) on 5th March 1931.
18 The Government of India Act 1935
19 Quit India Movement 1942 i) Other name is India August Movement.
ii) Quit India Movement was civil disobedience movement.
iii) Mahathma Gandhi was started this movement on 8th Aug 1942 .
20 Cabinet Mission Plan 1946  i) United Kingdome Cabinet Mission Plan.
ii)Its main intention was to discuss about power transfer from British to India with independence.
21 Interim Government 1946
22 Formation of Constituent Assembly 1946
23 Mountbatten Plan 1947
24 The Indian Independence Act 1947  i) Through this act the the parliament of UK or British India was divided into two independent countries that are India and Pakistan
25 Partition of India 1947

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