Snippets of Science and Technology

Snippets of Science and Technology

Snippets of Science and Technology is one of the important topics due to all government competitive examinations. It is also important to have general awareness of science and technology to everybody. Here we have listed some of the important points regarding science and technology. We wish the topic will help you in your competitive exams.

What is the name of Green pigment–Chlorophyll

Cockroach blood color is–White

What is the Respiratory pigment–Haemoglobin

In the photosynthesis carbohydrate produces–Glucose

which instrument measures the blood pressure–Sphygmomanometer

Nucleus is present in RBC of animals like–Camel

Sweetest sugar —Fructose

Crabs and Snails blood color is–Blue

Amoeba’s Respiration process–Diffusion

The blood pressure of man is–120 / 80 mmHg

In the body inter cellular fluid in blood is–Plasma

Master gland is–Pituitary gland

Which hormone controls  Phototropism and Geotropism in plants is–Auxins

Deficiency of Iron results–Anaemia

brain’s largest part is–Cerebrum

Intake of fluorine in Excess results in–Fluorosis

Iodine deficiency  in food results in the enlargement of mixed gland–Pancreas

To measure the rainfall at a particular place by–Rain gauge

The 3 tests for detecting HIV are–Western blot test, PCR test and ELISA,

The big waves created in the sea because of the eruption of volcanoes are called–Tsunami

Iodine Deficiency causes–Hypothyroidism

Early ripening of fruits is promoted by–Ethylene

The name vitamin was introduced by–Funk

Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with–Teflon

Deficiency of Insulin results–Diabetes mellitus

On the earth the hardest substance available  is–Diamond

Examples for non-renewable resources are–Coal, Petroleum

In human body fats are stored in–Adipose tissue

Environment friendly fuel is–CNG

The gas causes global warming is–Carbon dioxide

Ozone layer is damaged by–Chlorofluro Carbons

Carbon dioxide, Chlorofluro carbons, Nitrogen Oxide and hydrocarbons are also called as–Green house gases

Forests that grow near the sea shores are called–Mangroves

Skin Cancer is caused due to presence of excess ____ in water–Arsenic

The gas useful to fill Balloons is–Helium

Cooking oil can be converted into vegetable ghee by the process of–Hydrogenation

The working principle of a Washing Machine is–Centrifugation

The gases used in different types of welding would include–Oxygen and Acetylene

Heavy water is–Deuterium oxide

The major component in the LPG is–Propane

The largest satellite in solar system is–Ganymede

Which vegetable’s genome was sequenced completely in 2012?–Tomato

The audible sounds having a frequency of–20 to 20,0000

Carbon dioxide is called greenhouse gas because–It absorbs infrared radiation

German Silver is an alloy of–Copper, Zinc & Nickel

Bell metal is an alloy of–Tin and Copper

Monazite is an ore of–Thorium

The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is–Mixture of Nitrogen and Argon

Washing soda is the common name for–Sodium carbonate

We feel thirsty when–Osmotic pressure of blood increases

Which lamps are used to minimize electricity consumption–Compact fluorescent

Biochemical and histological examination of tissues is called–Biopsy

Gasohol is a combination of gasoline and–Ethyl alcohol

The Universal Blood Recipient is–AB

When an iron nail gets rusted, the weight of the iron nail is–Increased

The largest group of plant kingdom is–Thallophyta

Which organism is used in production of alcohol?–Yeast

The polymer used in making plastic crockery is–Melamine

The element common to all acids is–Hydrogen

Oil spreads over the surface of water because–Oil has less surface tension than water

The chemical name of Aspirin is–Acetylsalicylic acid

Milk is an example of–Emulsion

The bacterium responsible for causing plague is–Yersinia pestis

Dry Ice is–Solid Carbon dioxide

Bacteria was discovered by–Antonie Van Lecuwenhoek

Coloured glasses for goggles contain–Ferrous Oxide

The basic structural and functional unit of life is–Cell

Which vitamin has cobalt–Vitamin B12

Who is known as the father of Indian Ecology?–R. Mishra

The protein used in paper coating is–Casein

The universal blood group donor for all group is–Blood Groop O

One byte equal to–8 bit

The tracking of people by trained dogs is based on the recognition of _____ from feet.–Carboxylic sweat

Which acid is found in apples–Malic acid

Where the early Tsunami warning system was installed to predict
a tsunami immediately after an
earthquake?–Rangachang in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Which human gland does secret growth hormone?–Pituitary gland

Where was India’s first computer installed?–Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

Complete loss of memory is called–Amnesia

Astronomical Distance is measured in–Light year

India’s permanent Research Station ‘Dakshin Gongotri’ is located at–Antarctica

The oxide of which element is used as coolant?–Nitrogen

Penicillin, an antibiotic, is obtained from–Fungus

Food is cooked in a pressure cooker quickly because boiling point of water–Increases

Steel is mainly alloy of–Iron and Carbon

_ are used to supply Nitrogen to paddy.–Blue green algae

The stones formed in human kidney mainly consist of–Calcium oxalate

In which industry is mica used as a raw material?–Electrical Industry

The gas used in the manufacture of Vanaspati from Vegetable Oil is–Hydrogen

What does air bag, used for safety of car driver, contain?–Sodium azide

The substance used for artificial rains is–Silver Iodide

Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps in–Absorbing UV radiations

Sleeping Sickness happens due to–Trypanosoma

Solar energy is due to–fusion reactions

In the human body, the longest cell is–Liver Cell

The fish released into ponds and wells to control the mosquitoes is–Gambusia

The scientist associated with the success of Green Revolution is–Norman Borlaug

_ is used to make electric heater coil–Nichrome

Stranger Gas is called as–Xenon

A non-conventional source of power is–Solar Power

Center for DNA fingerprinting is located at–Hyderabad

Name the first Lunar Rover of China, which was carried by an unmanned
remotely piloted spacecraft Chang’e-3 and was deployed
successfully on moon on 14 December 2013?–Jade Rabbit (called Yutu in Chinese)

Hypermetropia or long sight can be corrected by using–Concave lenses

Alzheimers disease is a disorder of the–Brain

The name of the white revolution is associated with–Kurien Verghese

Boiling point of water depends on–atmospheric Pressure

Chromosomes of the ___ will determine the sex of a child.–Father

Root modules are commonly found in ____ plants–Leguminous

A plant product obtained from dried latex is–Opium

“Green House Effect” means -Trapping of Solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide
2, 4-d is a–herbicide

The nuclear reaction involved in a nuclear reactor is–Fusion

The formation of fruit without fertilisation is known as–Parthenicarpy

Chromosomes consist of–DNA and Proteins

Which country scientists recently developed Li-Fi Tech, a new cheaper way
of getting connected to internet by using signals sent through light bulbs ?–China

The oxides of which gases cause acid rain?–Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphar

Which of the following is known as graveyard of RBCs?–Spleen

A device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is–Electric Motor

Red light is used as danger signal because it–is scattered least

Cryogenic engines are used in–Rockets

An astronaut in outer space will observe sky in–Black colour

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