Statesmen Countries – Official Residents Names List

Statesmen Countries – Official Residents Names List

The bellow list provides you the list all important official residents names and their related Countries list. You should have the idea on this topic and it is also important topic regarding all competitive examinations.

Official Residents of Statesmen Countries

CasaBlanca – Elsalvador

24 Sussex Drive – Canada

Temple Trees – SriLanka

Apostholic Palace – Vatican City

Statesmen Countries - Official ResidentsCasa Rosada – Argentina

Theemuge -Maledweep

Iskana Palace – Singapore

El Mouradiya – Algeria

Drosdy – Belarus

Rashtrapathi Bhavan – India

Blue house – South Korea

The Lodge – Australia

Miraflourace Palace – Venezuela

Dechancholing Palace – Bhutan

Chitralatha Villa – Thailand

National Palace – Mexico

Bangabhavan – Bangladesh

Abdin Palace – Egypt

Kokkio Palace – Japan

Asovilla – Nigeria

Buckingham Palace – Britain

Cambodia   – Khamarindra Palace

Elisi Palace  – France

Aiwan-e-Sadir – Pakistan

The White House – USA

Groot Shoor – South Africa

White House – Kirgisthan

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