The Arctic Council Origin Objectives and Member States

The Arctic Council Origin Objectives and Member States

The Arctic Council Origin Objectives and Member States: The Council’s main intention to develop the interrelation among the the Arctic States.

The Arctic Council Origin Objectives and Member StatesArctic Council-Member states: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and USA
Observer Members: Germany, International Arctic Science Committee, the Nether Lands, Poland, Nordic Council, Northern Forum, the UK, the ECC, UNEP


Arctic Council-Origin and Development:

First proposed by Canada in 1989
The council’s Charter was signed at Ottawa Canada on September 19, 1996

Arctic Council Objectives:

Arctic Council was established by the Ottawa Declaration ceremonially to maintain interrelation with the council member states in 1996
Arctic Council’s main aim is to develop cooperation and intercommunication among the Arctic States, with the involvement of the Arctic Indigenous communities.

Arctic Council-Structure:

The Arctic Council consisting a Secretariat and Ministerial Meetings.
There is no permanent home for Secretariat.
Changes along with chairmanship every two years.

Arctic environ mental Protection Strategy was adopted to protect environment in the Arctic region
Arctic Council developed five other programmes apart it.
1. Arctic monitoring and assessment Plan (AMAP)
2. Protection of the marine environment in the arctic.(PAME)
3. Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response (EPPR)
4. Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
5. Sustainable Development and Utilization (SDU)

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