West Bengal Chief Ministers List – Current West Bengal (WB) CM

West Bengal Chief Ministers List – Current West Bengal (WB) CM

West Bengal Chief Ministers List – Current West Bengal (WB) CM: Dear aspirants Its good to keep up to date your knowledge in general knowledge and  current affairs. Because current affairs and gk plays an important role in the competitive examinations. In this part here we the team of current affairs and gk team are providing your the list of Chief Ministers or West Bengal from 1947 to 2015. The first Chief Minister of West Bengal is  Prafulla Chandra Ghosh,  The first CM – Chief Minister of West Bengal, Prafulla Chandra Ghosh belong to INC – Indian National Congress. Current Chief Minister (CM) of West Bengal is Mamata Banerjee. The present Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee belong to the party AITC (All India Trinamool Congress ).

West Bengal Chief Ministers List:

No Name of Chief Ministers of West Bengal Time Party
 1 Prafulla Chandra Ghosh  15th Aug  1947 – 14th Jan  1948  INC – Indian National  Congress
 2 Bidhan Chandra Roy   14th Jan  1948 –  1st Jul 1962  INC – Indian National  Congress
  President’s rule   1st Jul 1962 –  Jul 8th Jul  1962  
 3 Prafulla Chandra Sen  8th Jul  1962-  15th Mar 1967  INC – Indian National  Congress
 4 Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee   15th Mar 1967 –  2nd Nov  1967  BAC (Bangla Congress)
 5 Prafulla Chandra Ghosh  Nov 2nd  1967 – 20th Feb  1968  Independent Progressive Democratic Alliance Front
  President’s rule  20th Feb  1968 –  25th Feb  1969  
 6 Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee  25th Feb  1969 – 19th Mar 1970  BAC (Bangla Congress)
  President’s rule   19th Mar 1970 – 2nd Apr  1971  
 7 Prafulla Chandra Ghosh 2nd Apr  1971 –  28th Jun 1971  INC – Indian National  Congress
  President’s rule 28th Jun 1971 –   19th Mar  1972  
 8 Siddhartha Shankar Ray  19th Mar  1972 –  21st Jun  1977  INC – Indian National  Congress
 9 Jyoti Basu   21st Jun  1977 –  6th Nov  2000  CPM
 10 Buddhadeb Bhattacharya   6th Nov  2000 –  13th May  2011  CPM
 11 Mamata Banerjee  20th May  2011 – 25 May 2016  AITC (All India Trinamool Congress )
  Mamata Banerjee 25 May 2016 – Present  AITC (All India Trinamool Congress )

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