List of Holy Places of the World Holy Land of Religion

List of Holy Places of the World Holy Land of Religion


 Hinduism  Varanasi (Kasi or Banaras), India – located on the banks of the River Ganga. It is the holy land of India
 Anglican  Canterbury, England is the holy place of Anglican: seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury
 Juche  P’yongyand, North Korea- seat of government; headquarters of the Juche Idea
 Jainism  Palitana, Gujrat, India is the holy place of  Jainism: Where 838 Jain Temple are on one mountain.
 Judaism  Jerusalem, Israel: Holy City, site of the historic temple, Wailing Wall
 Buddhism  Lopburi, Nepal: Buddha born here
Buddha Gaya: Buddha attain enlightenment here
Saranath: Buddha preached his first serman here
 Eastern Orthodox  Constantinople, Turkey is the holy land of Eastern Orthodox
 Sikhism  Amritsar, Punjab, India – Golden Temple present here
Christianity Bethlehem, Israel: Jesus born here
Nazareth, Israel: where Jesus lived and began ministry
Jerusalem, Israel: First Church was started here
 Islam  Mecca, Saudi Arabia:
Medina, Saudi Arabia
Jerusalem, Israel
 Baha’i Faith Haifa, Israel: world headquarters; site of the holy historic events
  Catholic The Vatican City: “The Holy See” is the holy land of Catholic
 Tenrikyo Tenri-shi, Japan: holy city and headquarters of Tenrikyo
 GLBT  Stonewall Inn, New York City

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