History of Ancient India in Brief From 10000 BC to 1 AD

  History of Ancient India in Brief From 10000 BC to 1 AD

History of India in Brief From 10000 BC to 1 AD: Before 10000 BC Paleolithic ages characterized by use of tools like hand axe, cleavers, found in Belan valley (Mirzapour, Uttar Pradesh), Soan  (Now This place is in pakistan ) stone tools like blades,  borers, scrappersburins, etc., made with flakes found in Soan, Narmada and Tungabhadra river and Andhra, Maharashtra, Bhopal, and Chotanagpur plateau.

Before 6000 Bc Mesolithic tools found in Vindhyas, Chotanagpur, Birbhanpur in west Bengal, Belan in MP, Bagor, Telure, Langhnejgunj, Tirunelvelly in Tamil Nadu and sarai Nahar Rai.

3000 – 2600 BC – Beginning of Harappa Civilization

1200 – 500 BC – Vedic Era time

599 BC –Mahavira Born at Vaishali

563 BC -483 BC– Sidhartha Gautama, the Buddha Born at Kapilavasthu, Nepal

483 BC First Buddhist Council help at Sattaparni (Rajgriha)

383 BC Second Buddhist Council held at Vaishali.

336-323  The time of Aiexander conquest of Asia

327 BC – The Conquests of Alexander

323 BC – Death of Alexander

322 BC – Time of the Rise of the Mauryas, Chandragupta Mourya

303 BC Chandragupta defeats  Seleukos Nikator

298 BC – Mourya’s emperor Bindusara coronation

272 BC – Ashoka’s Reign (son of Bindusara)

180 BC – Fall of the Maurya emperors and  Rise of the Sungass

30 BC – Rise of Satvahana Dynasty

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